Suspension service - Öhlins forks, shocks and steering dampers

We can help with all of your suspension requirements - not just Öhlins but all makes of shocks, forks and steering dampers can be serviced and set up to suit your own needs.

Suspension is the key to good lap times, better tyre wear and more comfort, so all products can be improved to help a rider´s confidence and control.

We recommend track day riders service their forks every six events or, for road use, every 8,000 miles. Shocks and steering dampers should be serviced once a year.

These services are not expensive and will keep your machine handling as it should. Regular servicing will prolong the life of your suspension.

Interested? We are happy to answer your questions and find the right service and product for you. Please email us or call us at the workshop at +31 (0) 592 543 503.