Racing - Öhlins´ heritage

Öhlins grew due to its endeavours in the international racing scene. We at Öhlins Rooske gave our hearts and souls to the racing scene. During the past years, we have been working with British Superbike Team Beowulf. Another top-class partner is Zongshen from China, who relied on our distinctive suspension experience.

A long time fellow was the FIM World Endurance Championship. Up to the year 2002 and 2003, we supported the China-based Zong-shen Racing Team. Wich resulted in the year 2002 for Zong-shen winning the worldtitle and second position in 2003 we supported also the British Phase-One Endurance team who became that year worldchampion..

Another effort we are very proud of is the intense development and support of the new BMW Endurance-team, which has been competitively used and tested during the 2007 racing season. We have been on the road throughout Europe with the BMW team as a representative of the Öhlins factory, supporting the riders and mechanics in terms of in-depth suspension analysis and adjustment.

Our major client base comprises many club racers and national racetrack enthusiasts, who compete in their national championships year after year. If you´re a racer, we´re glad to help you out with your suspension needs. No matter of your name is Bruce Slowman or Giacomo Agostini.