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Öhlins front fork and rear shock suspension fluids

Öhlins have developed high performance front fork and rear shock fluids to suit our products. The obvious choice for racing and serious riding. Please call our office or send an email for detailed information.

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Öhlins spare parts

Öhlins replacement fork springs

These springs are an replacement item for your standard front fork springs. We can help you finding the right spring for you. Please give us a call at +31 (0) 592 543 503 so we can work out the best solution for you. We just need to know your weight, the make of your motorcycle and your application - e.g. if you race or ride on twisty roads. These springs are also available for other front fork brands.

Öhlins spare parts

Öhlins replacement shock springs

Same as the fork springs, these Öhlins rear shock springs are available for a large number of Öhlins and aftermarket shocks. Please call our workshop at +31 (0) 592 543 503 to discuss the right spring rate with us. While you´re at it, have a look at our suspension service category. We offer a shock service including new springs for interesting rates.

Öhlins spare parts

Öhlins titanium rear shock Motocross springs

With our titanium Motocross springs you can get real nasty in the weight saving department. This titanium spring is superlight. It shaves off roughly 50% of the standard rear shock spring. Definitely the item to refine your Motocross battleaxe. Available in various spring rates. If you have questions, give us a call at our workshop at +31 (0) 592 543 503.

Öhlins spare parts

Öhlins shock spares

As official Öhlins Service Center and certified Öhlins technicians, we carry any kind of spare parts for your Swedish gold. Not only springs, but also o-rings, shims, and everything an Öhlins shock incorporates. Please call our office or send an email for detailed information.

Öhlins spare parts

Öhlins hook spanner

If you are not blessed with a hydraulic preload adjuster, we definitely recommend an Öhlins hook spanner for your motorcycle rear shock. The hook spanners are available in different variations. The picture shows the regular rear shock hook spanner on top and a smaller hook spanner at the bottom. The smaller hook spanner is used on dual shock motorcycles, which have a smaller diameter. If you should have questions, please feel free to contact us.